Hello! AutoMES_TELSTAR Co., Ltd CEO Kang-Sun, Lee

It has been 15 years since AutoMES_TELSTAR Co., Ltd.
Started its automobile production technology engineering service. In the meantime, we are confident that the Korean automobile has leaped into the global market and recognized for its technological prowess. In the meantime, the world's manufacturing technology is moving from analog to digital in a huge wave called the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the smart factory is at the center.

Based on numerous technologies that have been applied in the field of automobile production technology, we are now starting to enter new markets. We are applying digital production technology, which is our advantage, to the field of smart factories that cover the industry. We look forward to your continued interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

January 2020

AutoMES_TELSTAR Co., Ltd CEO Kang-Sun, Lee